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Our Mission: Provide protection and peace of mind.
Bonded Lightning Protection Systems, Ltd., established in 1950, is a family owned, faith based company providing superior lightning protection and grounding services for commercial, residential, and industrial structures.
Our corporate office is located in Argyle, Texas (in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex); with installation offices throughout the southern United States. We at Bonded Lightning Protection Systems, Ltd. believe in and work diligently to achieve our Mission. Our employees strive to uphold our Core Values.

Lightning Protection

The sole purpose of a lightning protection system is to provide structural protection against a direct lightning strike and prevent the devastation caused by lightning. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that lightning causes $4-$5 billion in losses within the United States each year; a properly installed lightning protection system is the ONLY method recognized by the Lightning Protection Institute, the National Fire Protection Association, and Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. to protect valuable property from lightning destruction.


Core Value: #2
HONEST - Believe only truth pervails