Architects & Engineers

More project planners are wisely choosing to incorporate lightning protection into their projects. Buildings are more vulnerable to lightning damage today than ever before. With technological advancements in utility delivery systems (underground electrical, utility, etc.) and the boom of electronic dependency, the need for lightning protection is more important than ever. Lightning's devastating force accounts for more than $4-5 billion annually in structural damage in the United States.

A professionally installed lightning protection system is the ONLY recognized method of protecting valuable property from potential damage caused by lightning. Investing in compliant (LPI, NFPA, and UL) lightning protection system is beneficial for both project planners and clients.

Due to extensive costs in LEED projects, Bonded strongly recommends incorporating lightning protection into the design and specifications of these projects.

Giving clients the choice of lightning protection puts the safety option and risk in their hands; likely reducing project planner's liability, should the client experience loss due to lightning.

Click here to download the latest lightning protection specifications.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 780 Standards have established a risk assessment to determine the lightning risk of a specific structure. The NFPA risk assessment is a "formula" consisting of different variables such as size and height of the building to help determine the risk. This is just one of the tools offered to provide valuable information to your clients. There is no exact method of knowing when and where lightning will strike; thus a lightning protection system will put you one step ahead of Mother Nature. If you would like to perform a risk assessment, please click here.

Lunch & Learns

Bonded Lightning Protection Systems, Ltd., in partnership with the Lightning Safety Alliance (LSA), proudly offers Lunch & Learn presentations of Lightning Protection 101 (Overview). This one-hour presentation is AIA/CES accredited and covers the basics of lightning protection and grounding. We encourage architect and engineer firms to host a presentation to learn the benefits of a properly installed lightning protection system. We also provide your lunch!

If you would like to host a presentation, please email