Grounding Services

Proper grounding reduces the risk of electrical damage. Bonded performs a variety of interior and exterior grounding systems. Bonded has extensive experience installing ground counterpoises, raised (computer) floor grounding, signal reference grid (SRG) grounding, riser grounding, and chemical ground rods to reach minimum ohm requirements.
No matter what your specific project requires, Bonded can provide superior installation for a variety of grounding systems.
Ground Testing
Ground resistance tests are recommended to be performed during the installation of a new lightning protection/grounding system and/or an inspection of a existing lightning protection/grounding system. Testing the ground resistance for a structure’s lightning protection and grounding system will confirm the ability to dissipate lightning strikes and electrical surges created by lightning.
Bonded is trained and certified to perform 3 point fall of potential testing and the Clamp-On testing method. Bonded utilizes AEMC Instruments to perform all ground resistance testing. To ensure accurate readings the instruments are calibrated annually. Let Bonded be your third party ground testing firm.