Service Program

Lightning protection systems require minimal maintenance. Maintenance of the system is required when modifications are made to your structure; such as roof renovations, satellite dish installations, HVAC alterations; or when your lightning protection system sustains physical damage.
To ensure that your lightning protection system complies with national standard requirements and will function at its peak protective capacity, a professional inspection from a certified lightning protection contractor is recommended.
Bonded encourages routine lightning protection inspections. Annual inspections are recommended for existing lightning protection systems on commercial structures because of high traffic and/or renovations. Professional inspections for residential structures are recommended every three years. Bonded performs an on-site inspection of the lightning protection system and provides a detailed written report of findings. Upon completion of the inspection, Bonded offers an estimate for any required repairs.
To optimize functionality of your lightning protection system, and for your safety and convenience, Bonded offers perpetual maintenance agreements. Contact us for more information about our Maintenance Agreement details.