Residential Services

Apart from the structural damage caused by lightning, your family's well-being, irreplaceable items and cherished memories are at stake. Lightning causes fires which destroy homes electrical systems, furniture, and expensive electronics, but most importantly, the devastation of lightning can forever impact the feeling of security and safety for a family in their home.
A professionally installed lightning protection system by Bonded will include many components. Each component works together creating an intricate network of protection for structures from lightning damage. The key components are strike termination devices (i.e. lightning rods), conductors, bonds, ground terminations, and surge protection devices.
Beautiful architectural accents such as finials and weathervanes may also be incorporated as part of the lightning protection system. Download our Finial & Weathervane Brochure for more details.
To provide quality assurance of your lightning protection system installation, Bonded will provide a third-party inspection and certification by qualified inspectors of the Lightning Protection Institute-Inspection Program. This inspection and certification confirms your lightning protection system complies with all governing standards as written by the LPI 175, NFPA 780 and UL 96A. Download our Residential Brochure for more information about safeguarding your home with a professionally installed lightning protection system.