The importance of assessing risk is essential in today's volatile weather. Lightning is unpredictable, and the only natural phenomenon in which protection is readily available. The National Weather Service provides information for risks associated with lightning and how you can best protect yourself. The National Fire Protection Association provides a Risk Assessment tool to determine the risk of lightning damage for a specific structure. This tool is located on our website for your convenience. We encourage you to use these lightning safety tools to ascertain your risk.
Lightning protection is a very specialized field within the construction industry. To ensure your lightning protection system is properly installed and offers the protection it should, it is vital to hire an installation professional with following credentials:

  • UL Listed
  • LPI Member
  • NFPA Recognized/Member
  • LSA Partner
  • Educated in UL 96A; NFPA 780; and LPI 175

Bonded urges you to educate yourself and research potential lightning protection contractors before making any decisions. Above all, we value your safety and protection.