Assessing Your Risk

No one can predict when and where lightning will strike. The National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) Risk Assessment is the only tool used by the lightning protection industry to determine the risk of a lightning strike. To assess your risk, answer the following questions. Based on your answers, this assessment will evaluate how individual factors, of your structure and its location, affect your need for lightning protection. Look at the map below for the Lightning Flash Density over the past year. Locate your area and answer Question #1.
1).   Please choose your area's Flash Density rating...

2).   What are the structure's dimensions? (in feet)

  Length =   ft
Width =   ft
Height =   ft
3).   Which type of area best describes your structure location?

  Structure located within a space containing structures or trees of the same height.
Structure surrounded by smaller structures within a distance of 60 feet.
Isolated structure, no other structures located within a distance of 60 feet.
Isolated structure on a hilltop.
4).   What type of framing is on your structure?

5).   What type of roofing is on your structure?

6).   What content value does your structure contain?

  Low value and nonflammable
Standard value and nonflammable
High value, moderate flammability
Exceptional value, flammable, computer/electronics
Exceptional value, irreplaceable cultural items
7).   Is your structure occupied?

Normally occupied
Difficult to evacuate or risk of panic
8).   Which consequence best describes your structure in the case of a lightning strike?

  Continuity of facility services not required, no environmental impact
Continuity of facility services required, no environmental impact
Consequences to the environment impact
NOTE:  As stated before, this is just a tool used to determine risk.  No one can predict when or where lightning can strike.  The only way to be truly certain that lightning will not damage your valuable property is to invest in a certified lightning protection system.

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