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Bonded Lightning Protection Systems is a stable workplace with room for real advancement on a professional career path.

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Bonded Lightning Protection Systems is the single resource for lightning protection system and grounding system specification, design, installation, inspection, and certification. North America’s largest self-performing installation team closes the loop on quality design with specialized field application.

Serving property owners, their management firms, and progressive members of the design/construct community since 1950, Bonded systems address life-safety, electrical infrastructure, and electronic infrastructure.

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Our Core Values serve as the guiding principles for everything we do. We take no shortcuts, only pride in a job well done.


Learn more about our capabilities and why we’re the right partner for the job. Whether you’re looking for lightning protection for a new structure or need maintenance, we have you covered.


Our strength comes from our devoted team of experienced professionals. Together, we serve each other and our customers with the highest standards.


Learn more about lightning protection and the most appropriate solution for your use case. We provide information for you to make a knowledgeable decision.

Bonded’s project portfolio across a multitude of sectors, including distribution and data, is testament to the partnerships we enjoy. Whether property owners, their management firms, or the leading members of the design/construct community, including roofers and roofing consultants, our project partners have many choices in providers.

They choose Bonded.

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“Bonded is the only lightning protection firm I’ve ever worked with. I always know that if it’s with y’all, then there’s no need to worry about that scope.”

—Chris Williams, Skiles Group

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