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Our experienced team works diligently to serve our customers by protecting their buildings from natural lightning disasters.


Who We Are

We protect properties from catastrophic lightning strikes. We follow Christ’s example in everything we do in order to inspire others and make a difference in the world.

With nearly 70 years of experience and 10 installation offices stationed throughout the Southern United States, we serve contractors who construct commercial and residential structures. Our tight-knit and experienced team brings lightning protection and grounding solutions to our customers. They join Bonded because they share our values, and want to use their skills to serve others.

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How We Serve

Provide protection and peace of mind.

Our Core Values serve as guiding principles for everything we do.


Our Values

We provide protection and peace of mind by serving our customer’s lightning protection and grounding needs.

Our Services

We provide information for you to make a knowledgeable decision.


Our Resources

We find meaning and purpose in our work by putting others’ needs first.

Our Community


Where We Come From

Bonded Lightning Protection was established in 1950 in Dallas, TX by Dorothy (Hereford) DeGaw, and her husand, Boyce DeGaw. They installed their first lightning protection system on a Catholic Church in Dallas, which still stands today. After Mr. DeGaw’s passing, Dorothy continued to manage the company on her own. Eventually, she found support in her second husband, Reno Maddaugh. Work expanded from greater Dallas to south Texas, therefore the Houston, TX  division was born. After decades of successful service in the lightning protection industry, the Maddaugh’s sold Bonded Lightning Protection (of Texas) in the early ’80’s to Tony Riley. Of the two existing employees at the time of purchase, Wayne Foster, retired from Bonded in May 2004 and Kerry Kennedy, is a revered member of our Dallas Division. Tony brought in close friend, Charlie “the Professor” Lee, and sons David & Mike Riley to help learn the industry and manage the work. Through Tony’s leadership, the Company acquired Bonded Lightning Protection of Louisiana (based in New Orleans; owned and run by Dorothy Maddaugh’s brother, Eugene Hereford ), and expanded to San Antonio, Austin, Alabama, and Oklahoma.  In December 1999, Tony sold Bonded Lightning Protection Systems to his sons, Mike, David, and T.J. Today, we are a family-owned, faith-based team working to provide protection and peace of mind to our customers.

What We Do

Bonded protects properties from catastrophic lightning strikes. At Bonded, we strive to follow Christ’s example in order to serve and inspire others and make a difference in the world.