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What our customers say...

“I am glad I did the LPS [lightning protection system] plus I also have my surge protector installed. The crew that installed the LPS was quiet, quick, and neat. Thanks for all your help, it has been very easy to work with you and your team.”

Residential Customer

“I wanted to take just a second to let you know what a pleasure it’s been working with Chris Miller [Dallas Division]. I’ve personally been impressed with him, but wanted to make sure my guys were experiencing the same thing. I asked a couple of them this morning and both without hesitation said he’s been great. Going on to say he’s easy to work with, does his job well, and is really a nice person in general.”

Ron Drennan, Humphrey & Associates

“Bonded is the only LP [lightning protection] firm I’ve ever worked with and I always know that if it’s y’all, then there’s no need to worry about that scope.”

Chris Williams, Skiles Group

“As I stated on the phone, the installation crew was very polite and professional in the installation of my lightning protection system. It was far more involved than I anticipated, but the crew kept me informed as to what they planned to do and consulted with me any time there was a question. Our home was actually struck by lightning about 6 years ago and my wife vowed that she would not live in the house because she was on-site during the strike and ensuing fire. The price I paid for the system and the professional installation will bring her the peace of mind she needs to occupy the dwelling we will soon call home. I especially appreciate the attention to detail used when affixing conduit to the exterior brick to ensure it was placed in a non-conspicuous location and they used techniques to heat the conduit so that it would conform to the color changes in brick. Overall, I could not be more satisfied with the work done by your crew. Please convey my appreciation to the workmen for a job very well done!”

Ken, Residential Customer

Customers trust our team of experienced professionals to install lightning protection and grounding systems for commercial and residential structures. We welcome the opportunity to provide protection for your structure and peace of mind for you.

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