We provide protection and peace of mind by serving our customer’s lightning protection and grounding needs.

We serve contractors who construct commercial and residential structures. Our tight-knit and experienced team brings lightning protection to our customer. Our team is built on more certified LPI Master Installers, Designers, and Journeyman of lightning protection systems than any other lightning protection company. You can rely on our team members to finish the job on time without compromising quality.

We don’t cut corners and we are upfront about what we can or can’t do to ensure strict compliance to national lightning protection standards. We respect our customers by telling them the whole truth. 

Lightning Protection

We may be down to earth, but our team is passionate when it comes to lightning protection systems. A professionally installed lightning protection system will include many components. These components are designed and installed to national standards, creating a network of protection for structures from lightning damage. The key components are strike termination devices (i.e. lightning rods), conductors, bonds, ground terminations, and surge protection devices.

Our Master Certified Lightning Protection Installers are accredited through the Lightning Protection Institute. Our installations comply with nationally recognized lightning protection standards: LPI 175, UL 96A, and NFPA 780.

Commercial Lightning Protection

“What’s not reported is the loss of business, downtime, and liability when business or commercial tenants are forced to shut down to repair lightning damage.” – Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL)

Many commercial property owners are choosing lightning protection systems as part of the overall security package to protect property, inventory, electrical equipment, and precious human life. Numerous commercial insurance companies require a lightning protection system and/or offer a discount on the owner’s insurance policy. Learn more about commercial lightning protection.

Residential Lightning Protection

Your family and belongings are worth more than a policy. Protect them!


Your family’s well-being, home, and irreplaceable items are at stake from lightning! Lightning can forever impact the feeling of security and safety for a family in their home. Learn more about how to protect your home from lightning damage.

A professionally installed lightning protection system is inconspicuous, but decorative materials and installation options are available to enhance the system’s aesthetic appeal. Learn more about decorative lightning protection.


We are warm and welcoming, but will stand our ground to thoroughly protect your structure!

Grounding reduces the risk of electrical damage. Our team installs interior and exterior grounding systems. We have extensive experience installing ground counterpoises, raised (computer) floor grounding, riser grounding, signal reference grid (SRG) grounding, and chemical ground rods, etc.

No matter what your specific project requires, our team can provide superior installation for a variety of grounding systems.

Ground resistance tests are recommended during the installation of a lightning protection system and future inspections. Testing a system’s ground resistance will confirm the ability to dissipate lightning strikes and electrical surges created by lightning. We are trained and certified to perform 3 Point Fall of Potential and Clamp-On testing methods. We use calibrated AEMC Instruments to perform all ground resistance tests.


We take a detail-oriented approach and clearly communicate what needs to be done to make sure our lightning protection systems are fully compliant.

Service (aka maintenance) is required when modifications are made to your structure; such as roof renovations, antenna communication devices, HVAC alterations; or when your lightning protection system sustains physical damage from other trades and/or natural occurrences.

NFPA recommends annual inspections by qualified lightning protection contractors. Our team performs on-site inspections of lightning protection systems and provides a detailed written report of findings. Learn more about our Service Program.


Powered by Earth Networks

We partner with Earth Networks to help you manage lightning alerts and warn others. Earth Networks is a trusted system by the National Transportation Safety Bureau, various school boards, and cities.
Bonded protects structures with lightning protection and Earth Networks alerts people to move inside and shut off power to save valuable equipment. Together, we are a team protecting you and your business!

Surge Protection

Surge protection devices are an important part of a complete protection system.

Surge Protection Devices (SPD) provide the best protection available for sensitive electronics. SPD’s protect your vulnerable electronic equipment from induced surges associated with direct or nearby lightning strikes.  With SPD’s and a professionally installed lightning protection system working together, they accomplish the best possible protection.

We offer a variety of SPD solutions for your service entrances and electronic equipment.


We are collaborative, not dependent!

A professional design is the first step in producing precise, complete, and compliant lightning protection systems. Our team is made up of top-notch designers who ensure our lightning protection designs comply with nationally recognized standards. Our Master Certified Designers are accredited through the Lightning Protection Institute. Each design is tailored to meet your structure’s architectural plan.