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Lightning Protection and Grounding for Data Sector

Bonded's Data Center Brochure

Gain insight into Bonded's lightning protection and grounding solutions for the data sector. Data is king; crown it with a…

Residential Lightning Protection

Brochure - PDF

This brochure will help you better understand how a lightning protection system can protect you, your family, and your home.…

Commercial Lightning Protection

Brochure - PDF

This brochure outlines the value of a commercial lightning protection and showcases aesthetics of a basic installation on a commercial structure.

Decorative Lightning Protection

Architectural Brochure - PDF

This tool provides information and visual images on decorative lightning protection, including finials and weathervanes.

Service Program

Brochure - PDF

This tool details the importance of lightning protection system maintenance and offers third-party recommendations for system inspections and service.

allG Fabrication (formerly ALT)


Bonded trusts allG Fabrication as our lightning protection, grounding, and construction supplier to outsource our material needs. As the demand…

Lightning Protection Institute


Do you want unbiased information on lightning protection or need to find a certified installer in your area? The Lightning…

Lightning Protection Institute Inspection Program

Accountability Partner

The Lightning Protection Institute Inspection Program (LPI-IP) is a third-party inspection and certification entity giving peace of mind to building…

Lightning Safety Alliance

Partner in Education

Lightning Safety Alliance LLC (LSA) is a non-profit, non-stock national corporation comprised of lightning protection manufacturers, distributors, installers, and others…

United Lightning Protection Association


Find more information on lightning protection, safety, and education of lightning. The United Lightning Protection Association (ULPA) is an association of…



Lightning Protection construction specifications for new or existing structure.

Lightning Facts

National Geographic

Lightning and lightning protection are surrounded by myths and misconceptions. Get your facts straight!

We provide protection and peace of mind by serving our customer’s lightning protection and grounding needs.

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